May 11, 2020

Much has been said lately of the need for resilience […]

April 24, 2020


March 4, 2020

Further information to be announced at a later date regarding […]

February 14, 2020

Rule Book There  has been a correction to the Rule […]


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Ski Racing Australia
Ski Racing Australia1 week ago
Have you listened to our first podcast yet, upset that it's over? Well its not all bad.... we are preparing for our next episode, scheduled to air next week!

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Link: www.ontherope-podcast.com

We hope you can tune in for our next episode..... see you next week!
Ski Racing Australia
Ski Racing Australia2 weeks ago
🔥2 Days Left🔥- Countdown!

Check this out..... the amount of Champion water skiers and crews, have let us delve deeper into the ups and downs of our great sport, is unreal!

We’ve got recorded interviews, pre/post race, discussions about race plans, mishaps, racing and results. With some surprising, funny, even, controversial answers, with plenty of laughs thrown in!

Find out more by going to our Website, Instagram and Facebook pages.
Website: www.ontherope-podcast.com
Instagram: OnTheRopePodcast
Facebook: OnTheRopePodcasts
Ski Racing Australia
Ski Racing Australia2 weeks ago
Get around this new ski racing podcast

What wise words will we hear from Bisho, Lumpty and others?

Stay tuned and make sure you "like" the page for updates.
Ski Racing Australia
On The Rope
🔥3 Days Left🔥- Countdown! Our first podcast is a taste of organised chaos with a "meet the team" recording. We've asked our team some pretty tough questions and also some easy questions and remarkably the answers are very similar. We will introduce our team individually and get a little bit of an insight in to where each of them will be contributing. Here's a little snippet to get the ear buds going! ⚠️⚠️ARE YOU FOLLOWING US YET?⚠️⚠️ Find out more by going to our Website, Instagram and Facebook pages. ⚫️Website - www.ontherope-podcast.com ⚫️Instagram - https://instagram.com/ontheropepodcast?igshid=1uu2w7dnp7qmn ⚫️Facebook - OnTheRopePodcasts

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1 year ago
Flying 🐷 in Mildura!

SEE how Pigs Arsenal won the #Mildura100 on Easter Sunday at Mildura Ski Club ⬇️⬇️

1 year ago
1 year ago
Locals Pigs Arsenal the unofficial winners of the #Mildura100 Full report and video later... https://t.co/0rIEktFEAC
1 year ago
At the last checkpoint before we see the leaders back at @milduraskiclub it's still homegrown stars Pigs Arsenal in the lead. Get ready Mildura!!

#Mildura100 #skiracing https://t.co/vnUaRsv4Jv

INSTAGRAM: @ Aus_Ski_Racing

Coming soon…