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Ski Racing Australia
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Congratulations to the team from Superman on your Southern 80 win.
Full results can be found at the link below.
Ski Racing Australia
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Southern 80
Ski Racing Australia
Ski Racing Australia1 month ago
Some Southern 80 housekeeping for competitors, family and friends.

If you are out Training for the Southern 80, please be aware that you are on the water under Normal NSW Roads & Maritime regulations. All safety equipment must be carried in your vessel (e.g. bailing bucket, no bow-riding etc.). You must adhere to and OBEY all Maritime speed and No Wash zones.

Do not ski through Wills bend.

You must not be on the water before Official Sunrise.

This Australia Day long weekend please be aware that many recreational users will be on the water so not a good weekend for any training.

We strongly recommend that no one is on the water before 7.00 am and not upstream of 5 mile before 7 am as you are in the township of Moama soon after and we are struggling to fend off complaints. Also, remember the river is OPEN to all at these times, you must stay on your side of the river!
We also recommend that no one train travelling downstream before 8.30 am.

Failure to follow these guidelines can see the MWSC committee withdraw your entry from this year’s Southern 80 with no refund.

Please email any substitutions to entries@southern80.com.au, Before Friday 7th February would be appreciated.

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10 months ago
Flying 🐷 in Mildura!

SEE how Pigs Arsenal won the #Mildura100 on Easter Sunday at Mildura Ski Club ⬇️⬇️

10 months ago
10 months ago
Locals Pigs Arsenal the unofficial winners of the #Mildura100 Full report and video later... https://t.co/0rIEktFEAC
10 months ago
At the last checkpoint before we see the leaders back at @milduraskiclub it's still homegrown stars Pigs Arsenal in the lead. Get ready Mildura!!

#Mildura100 #skiracing https://t.co/vnUaRsv4Jv

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