Notice of Ski Racing Australia AGM (10/12/19)/Proposed Constitution change/Wildcard Nominees

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of SKI RACING AUSTRALIA ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED (A03648) (SRA) will be held on Tuesday, December 10 at Skyways Hotel, Tullamarine commencing at 7.30pm (AEDT).

The nature of the business of the meeting shall be:

1.            Opening and welcome by the Chairman

2.            Apologies and proxies

3.            Confirmation of previous minutes

4.            Report from the Chairman

5.            Receive directors’ report, financial report and auditor’s report

6.            Notices of motion

The following motion is moved as a Special Resolution:

THAT the Constitution of Ski Racing Australia Association Incorporated be amended in accordance with the marked up changes contained in the document attached to this Notice as Annexure B.

Explanatory Note: The ‘Summary of Proposed Constitution Amendments’, which is Annexure C to this Notice, contains a summary of the proposed changes to the Constitution and the different highlighting used to differentiate those changes.

7.            (If required) Election of two Elected Directors (Wild Card Directors). Notice of Elected Director (wild card) Nominees_ 25.11.19

Explanatory Note: The election of two Elected Directors will only proceed if the changes to the Constitution proposed in item 6 of this Notice are not passed. If the changes to the Constitution pass, there is no longer any need to conduct the election, and this item of business will not occur.

8.            Appointment of auditor and fixing of remuneration

9.            Close of Meeting


In accordance with clause 15.2 of the SRA Constitution, a member entitled vote at the Annual General Meeting is entitled to appoint a person as proxy.

The proxy form, which is available as Annexure A to this Notice, must be provided to the Chairman at or before the commencement of the Annual General Meeting at the following email address: .

If you have any queries, please advise me directly at your earliest convenience.

Russell Lewis
Ski Racing Australia Association Incorporated

Annexure B – Constitution (marked up)

Annexure C – Summary of Constitution changes

Annexure A – Proxy form

Should the new proposed SRA constitution not be accepted by the members then this AGM will include the election of two (2) Wildcard Director Positions.

Link has been removed. Applications now closed. 25/11/19



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