Here’s who topped the charts at the Robinvale 80

The 2018 Robinvale 80 saw 144 teams take to the start line on the Murray River underneath vibrant sunshine, and with plenty of supporters on the river banks eager to see a top show.
Like any race there would be stories of success, and those left wanting just a little bit more, after plenty of hard work on the water to Bonvaricall Creek and back.
Leading the charge for the outright win was Superclass outfit Merc Force – you can read about their victory HERE.
But further afield were a multitude of strong results, with a few records also falling along the way. Here is who finished top of the charts in each class:
TR won Unlimited Inboard Expert class and it was Ian Tricker at the wheel, Nathan Miller observing, Ben Clark and Reece Simmonds on the skis. Tempered finished second, in what was the closest margin between first and second for the day. The Judge was third.
Unlimited Naturally Aspirated class was an affair between three contestants, and less than a minute separated the trio at the end. My Three Monkeyz was top of class with Nathan Merchant and Lisa Nutley on board, while Logan Merchant and Dylan France hit the skids. Rush Hour and Illusion Down Under rounded out the class.
1 Up Open Men Expert saw Clancy Vaughan and his Arkham Asylum crew of Brett Splits and Robbie Skennerton beat home F1 men’s world champion Ben Gulley and Strike Force. Bedlam was third.
8 Litre Inboard Expert had Sportspage in the headlines to see Dean Johns, Aaron Martin, Jason Cartledge and Troy Evans over the line fastest. Kudos goes to Cartledge who gave up the chance to race with daughter Leilani, so that SportsPage had a full team and could take part in the action.
Still Crazy and Stealth were second and third.
6 Litre Inboard Expert had five teams entered, but only two finished. Bulletproof won with Paul S White driving, Adam Wilson observing, Robert Lee and Rick Kirkman skiing. Synthetic was second.
Under 19 Boys Expert was the property of Temper 2 for another year running. Rhett Davis, Ben Hackett, Jack Coaldrake and Lachlan Nix won in style, breaking their own class record along the way. Prima Donna Racing was second, and not too far behind were Murrumbidgee MadDog in third.
Unlimited Outboard Expert has Velocity Racing on top with Timothy Everist, Natalie Reid, Joshua Reid and Brock Henderson responsible for the result. In second was 4D Racing, Shooter in third.
MOC was all about Hardback Racing that saw skiers Addison and Dylan Piening working with observer Beau Martinovic and driver Kevin Dahlberg. Toxick was second, Gettin Loose in third.
SMOC had one team in the clear, Aaron Dalgleish steering Crack-Oar to the win with Jason Reeves observing, Jack Battye and Luke Howe observing. Little separated Mad Kiwi and Chosen 1 as they duked it out for second and third places.
Formula 2 Expert has a new record holder after Zac Welch, Adam Nolan, Jade Pumpa and Jarryd Tannenberg took Mistress F2 to the top spot, while Esky Mojo and Top Gun F2 were the next best in the class.
Junior Boys Expert had Chief in top spot, Elm Street second and Ghostrider third. The winning crew of Darren Laub, Robert Bertram and skiers Tate Laub and Jake Rawe have plenty to celebrate thanks to a convincing win.
Stock 6 Litre Inboard Expert was a tale of bittersweet success, as Hollow Point won the class, but missed the record by .01 of a second. Driver Steven Czapp and observer Bryce Merrett were stoked to win with skiers Riley Arnold and Damian Payne, but gutted to fall a whisker short of the record books. Public Enemies were home second, River Wrecka in third.
Merc Force F1 won Women’s Expert. Skiers Chelsea Blight and Maddison Boyer once again combined with Christian Apps and Trent Souwer in sublime fashion. Extreme Meltdown and Reactor finished two and three.
Under 19 Girls Expert had Triple 666 leading the charge by a healthy margin. David Langham, Brandon Cropper, Brooke Langham and Emma Wymer led home Boystress and Hedake.
Junior Girls Expert had two contestants, The Contractor beating Meltdown. Neil Donald, Lisa Clancy, Grace Tooth and Jaymi Clancy winning the head-to-head battle with Keith Consiglio, Noah Boyer, Alice Savona and Abby Squire.
5.2 Litre Inboard Expert was the proving ground for Money Muncher, who was top of class as the only finisher. Dean Kriewaldt, Luke Fitzpatrick, Dale Kriewaldt and Jacob Kriewaldt made up that team.
Under 200hp Outboard Expert had but one runner, No Fear with Patrick Slark, Jason Fraser, Peter Harmer, Kye Fraser putting on a show.
70mph Expert was popular, and hotly contested in the Murray this weekend. In the end Korrupt won it to see Glenn Scanlon, Chris Neville, Nicholas Chase and Tyson Heathcote lead home The Wedge and General Lee.
Sub Junior Boys Expert had two teams in it, and both should be congratulated for a huge effort. Southern Force and Prime Suspect gave it a good dig, but it was the former that won with Tony Rowe, Ian Kirk, Jake Clancy and Timothy Grehan aboard.
Sub Junior Girls Expert had a few more contestants than their male counterparts as Thundernuts F2, Kausin Trouble and Murrumbidgee Madness made up the top three. Taking home the winner’s trophy was Daniel Branson, Brett Dominguez, Sharna Dominguez and Kasey Branson.
60mph Expert was contested with ferocity, but it was Kris Freeman, Nigel Pearson, Leigh Freeman and Dylan Rowe aboard Burn N Wood who were declared the winners. Rock-On was second and Head Hunter third.

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