Fuel Rule Update

The Board of Ski Racing Australia (SRA) wish to notify members of an immediate update to the Rule Book.

11.14 Fuels

(a) Fuel for all classes except for stock inboard (whose competitors must comply with the fuel requirements set out under rule 11.4(b)) and standard outboard (whose competitors must comply with the fuel requirements under rule 11.9(d)) must comply with the following requirements:

(i) subject always to clause 11.14(a)(ii), the fuel must only, for the purpose of racing, be commercially available automotive unleaded or premium unleaded pump fuel which is commercially available for sale to members of the public on demand. AV GAS or Fuels with any traces of lead are not permitted.

(ii) Notwithstanding clause 11.14(a)(i):

(A) no fuel can be used at any time that has any trace of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether;
(B) no additives or octane boosters can be used; and
(C) the mixing of fuels is forbidden.

(b) Fuel can be subject to random testing at any time during the season. In the event such testing confirms the relevant fuel is in breach of any of the requirements referred to in clause 11.14(a), the relevant member will:

(i) be required to cover the reasonable cost associated with conducting the test;

(ii) their results for the event will be disqualified; and

(iii) have their membership immediately cancelled by the Board of SRA in the absence of a satisfactory explanation for their contravention of clause 11.14(a).

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