A message from the Hackett Family

The Hackett Family would like to extend their sincerest condolences to Sarah Ashton and her girls, and to thank them for their concern for Ben.

We wish to take this opportunity to update all those who have been enquiring about Ben’s status after the accident at Robe.
We are pleased to advise that Ben is now off the ventilator and breathing for himself, and now the focus turns to managing how he comes out of the induced sedation.
He has numerous injuries, but the focus is on his neurological status. Ben recognizes the family who are with him, and is beginning to use phrases and short sentences. The medical team are extremely pleased with his progress to date.
Ben has shown remarkable progress in a short period of time, but we are well aware that there is a long rehabilitation journey ahead.

We would like to thank a number of people and organisations:
1) The competitors who provided assistance and support;
2) The rescue and medical teams who provided such thorough care for Ben and Dale;
3) The organisers and officials, including the SA Ski Racing committee who were so thorough and diligent in providing such expert medical support on site;
4) The staff of Flinders Medical Centre who have been so compassionate and supportive;
5) SRNSW and SRA for their communication and support since the accident.

We would like to express how much we have appreciated the many messages and texts from all those family, friends and the extended family in the ski racing community. It has been truly overwhelming, and we know that this will also help Ben with the challenging journey that lies ahead.

From Murray, Dee and Brooke Hackett
and Sarah Jordan

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